Workshops: remains a major strategy in our empowerment programs, we believe in using this means to enhance the capacity of our targets and to encourage them to keep moving on despite life’s challenges. The use of inspiring characters as facilitators has proven effective in impacting change.

  • Counseling: to enhance the physical and spiritual well being of our targets the counseling sessions were made available. We encourage adolescent girls and widows to share with us their stories and challenges in order to pray along with them and help them work out their challenges.

  • Financial Support: encouragement and counseling goes a long way in easing stress, however majority of the stress is caused to idleness and lack of finances to start up a business. Part of the vision of this ministry is making the target group financially independent. This organization provides its target with the capital to start up businesses that would help them to become financially independent.



Two categories of people make up the targets of this initiative they include;

  • Adolescent Girls: These set of people have been identified as one of the disadvantaged in the society; often not protected by the laws of the land, these girls are often victims of sexual abuse, genital mutilation and tools for domestic chores.


  • Widows: This organization gives priority to women who have lost their husbands. Reliability this group undergoes so much stress, after the death of the husband, this on many occasions has lead to seclusion, depression and even suicide among many women, because they simply unprotected to the whips of the African traditional live style.